Transform your fitness business into a digital revenue POWERHOUSE.

Cyborg gives you the tools you need to serve in-person or virtual members and convert your business into an infinitely scalable digital brand - for FREE!

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"How does this work?"

You post WODs or on-demand content for members


track gamified workouts

Members build posts that get shared to your Feed

Members share to other social channels and grow your Squad

Members support and encourage

each other

Upload your CRM to invite your members to your Squad

"What problem does this solve?"

Your competitive landscape is changing.

Your competitor is no longer across the street, it's in your customer's pocket. We give you the tools to stay competitive with your technological rivals.



Smart Equipment

"What do I get by adding Cyborg?"

In-app Branded Community

A dedicated Feed of just your members' posts where your Squad can support and encourage each other.

On-demand Video

Upload video content or WOD's that your members can complete on their schedule.

Workout Tracking

and Biometrics

Connect wearables, build posts, and share advanced biometric training insights.

Gamified Competitions

Earn points based on age, gender, and environment-equalized effort calculations.

Ready to get started?

"Is this difficult to setup?"

Onboarding is simple!

We automated the entire process to use your CRM.

  1. Upload your CRM file (.csv or Excel)

  2. We send automated invites to your members

  3. Members are auto-added to your Squad

"Is this only for virtual members?"

Cyborg is specifically designed for a hybrid business model.



Our platform is perfectly equipped to engage and support all members. We are committed to fostering in-person connections and programming while helping you grow your brand beyond the driveable radius of your facility.

Want to grow your revenue?

"What do your customers think?"

Julie Cranick

Owner of Energy Zone Fitness

"Talk about ground-breaking, a blend of something like Peloton, Orange Theory, and almost like a Facebook platform. If you're looking to level-up and stay in the need to check Cyborg out!"

"What does this cost?"


Basic - $0/mo.

(Free forever)

PRO - $199/mo.


(Free 14-day trial!)

"How do I get started?"




We've got you!

Our helpful team of fellow studio owners and members are ready to help you get the most out of Cyborg.

Click the link below to get going in less than 1 minute!

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