COVID Forecast Got You Down? Keeping Your Business Competitive Regardless of the Changing Market

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The global pandemic hit the States back in early March while the boutique fitness market was in the midst of a historic boom. Specialized programs were popping up in hundreds of communities, allowing people to gravitate to new and interesting ways of exercising. It was growing at such a rate that big box gyms were tailoring amenities to the more modern lifestyles of healthy, active people.

But all of this came to a grinding halt when Stay-At-Home orders were issued. Why? Because all of the industry’s new and innovative approaches to fitness are still grounded in one crucial characteristic:

They still require you to show up.

COVID-19 has taught the fitness industry many lessons over the course of the past five months, but none more important than finding a platform that allows you to reach your clients from a distance. They're out there, but even fully-digital platforms don’t cut it for most members. Companies like Peloton offer attractive (yet often expensive) equipment and in-depth instruction, but consistently lack the built-in connections and diversity a physical community naturally offers.

So is it possible to find a fitness platform that offers accessibility to trainers and clients while preserving the support a physical community provides?

The answer is yes.

Cyborg has put together an eBook (see below!) that walks you through the ins and outs of integrating a hybrid model into your business. The best part? It's free!

Only Cyborg has the bluetooth wireless-agnostic technology, biometrics, social media framework, and instruction-builder tools to toe the line between your physical space and your online presence.

You can diversify your revenue streams and continue to grow your client list with Cyborg, even if the COVID forecast isn’t great.

Interested in getting started? Let Cyborg help you. Visit or email us at for more information.

Click the image below for your free eBook:

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