Future-Proofing Your Business Doesn’t Have to be Difficult, But It Does Have to be a Priority

As much as we all want the COVID-19 pandemic to simply fade off into the distance, we must prepare like we’re stuck with it. Unfortunately, it could be here to stay.

Trainers and gym owners, like many businesses, have carried the weight of these kinds of hardships since quarantine began back in early March. For decades, the fitness industry has relied heavily on the physical presence of its members, but lockdowns and quarantines make that an unfortunate uncertainty today.

How can gym owners keep business thriving in a time when physical services are no longer allowed?

If you missed reading about our Success Story last month, it featured Athletic Instinct in Rochester, New Hampshire and its story of how a functional fitness community adopted a hybrid business model in order to diversify revenue for both its physical and digital platforms. In a time when consistent membership is very hard to come by, that's a huge win.

Cyborg has developed its tech specifically for trainers who are looking to future-proof their business. By integrating our platform into a hybrid business model, you’re ensuring that your members are given the tools, the motivation, and the instruction they need to see growth without losing the revenue your business needs during these uncertain times.

Here’s the story:

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