Onboarding via Zoom: Let us guide you through the process!

As Cyborg continues to expand, we want to make sure we offer you the best of our customer success team, which means giving you the opportunity to work virtually with us during the sign-up process.

If you're new to using Zoom, below you'll find a quick set of directions for downloading and using Zoom so that we can work with you virtually. Let's set up a time and get you started! Visit www.cyborg.io/fitnessfacilities or email hello@cyborg.io to set up a meeting today.

Downloading Zoom on your Phone

  1. Tap the "App Store"

  2. Search "Zoom" from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

  3. It will show up on your home screen when the download is complete.

Creating Your Zoom Account

  1. Click on the "Zoom" App

  2. Tap "Sign Up" and create an account using your name and your email.

Joining a Meeting with Cyborg

  1. Tap "Sign In" from the Zoom Homepage and enter your email and password.

  2. Tap the join button at the top of your screen.

3. Copy & Paste the Meeting ID Number we sent you via email. This can be found directly under the "Join Zoom Meeting" header shown below.

4. Enter the 10-digit number in the field labeled "Meeting ID" under Join a Meeting.

5. We will join you at our meeting time!

How to Share your Screen

  1. Once in the Meeting Room, hit "Share Content" at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

  2. From there, a dropdown of options will allow you to share anything from screen to a website URL or Bookmark.

  3. We'll use this to guide you through the process of on-boarding!

Now you know the basics of using Zoom for video meetings.

And the best part? You'll be ready to help your members get the most of their Cyborg experience in no time.

See you soon!

Cyborg are the makers of the first social network for fitness. Founded in 2018, they were winners of NHTA’s TechOut competition, focusing on empowering users by building community and providing concise metrics on an easy to use platform. Cyborg shares 50% of revenue with channel partners like boutique fitness facilities, studios, teams, and clubs and are located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Check out https://www.cyborg.io/ for more.

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