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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Last time in our Tech Series, we dug into how Cyborg is a game-changer in the field of biometric feedback. You can check out how PacePoints™, PulsePoints™, and your ActiveScore™ gamify the fitness industry in a way that has never been done before by clicking here.

In this installment, we’ll overview one of the most effective community outreach tools that makes Cyborg the best landing spot for any trainer, owner, or influencer seeking fresh ways to help people live healthier, more holistic lifestyles.

“What is a Squad™?”

Squads are the perfect way to preserve the interconnectedness of your community without sacrificing any of the instruction, mentoring, or encouragement that comes from the in-person workout experience. Whether your facility is working in-person, virtually, or somewhere in between, creating Squads opens a unique channel dedicated to the relationships in your career that matter most.

Creating a Squad is like using Facebook Groups, but specifically designed to bring people closer to your organization or brand.

Squads are great for:

  • Gyms

  • Studios

  • Teams

  • School Athletic Departments

  • Race Series

  • Healthy Living Influencers

“Are there different types of Squads?”

There are two types of Squads--Public and Private. Most organizations will want to create one of each to get the most of what Cyborg has to offer.

Public Squads: A separate feed from the Cyborg Community feed where you and your members control what’s being shared. It’s completely free, great for lead generation, and building your community.

Private Squads: A separate feed created exclusively for your paying members. You have full control over who joins, what you share, and access to paid features like video uploads and the ability to generate revenue from your own paid “upgrade system”. Your members pay for access to this feed.

You can learn more about how easy Squad set up can be here:

“What are the benefits of using Squads?”

Start by sharing posts to promote your community or offer some words of encouragement:

  • Your Squad Feed is entirely your own to support and encourage each other.

  • Post daily workouts, upcoming competitions, or daily motivation!

  • Upload photos or on-demand videos for even more ways to connect to your following.

  • Everything is saved in one easy-to-use place so members can return to content on their own time!

Use Cyborg’s biometric tracker technology to compete exclusively with the members of your Squads:

  • Customize your feed with its own Leaderboard to compete as a group.

  • Track your clients’ goals and accomplishments with only a few simple taps.

  • Gamify your workout programming by simplifying the process with your members.

“My Squad following is growing. Is there a way to monetize?”

Of course! Cyborg wants to reward you for building such a tremendous community with us! There are two ways of reaching financial success using Cyborg:

Upgrading Your Facility and Client List

If you're thinking about upgrading your entire facility, using Cyborg PRO alongside Squad usage is your best bet. We'll dive more into PRO in future articles, but you can always find more on the value of group integration over at https://www.cyborg.io/fitnessfacilities.

Check out the video of CEO Tim Near explaining how to build your business with us:

Becoming a Cyborg Influencer/Ambassador

Are you an influencer? Are you looking to grow your brand using Cyborg? We have an offer for you:

Start making money by upgrading to Cyborg PLUS, creating a private Squad, and recruiting fellow Cyborg users to upgrade and view your content:

  • Get paid once you've exceeded 100 Squad members.

  • Users pay $9.99/month to join your Squad.

  • For every user you get to upgrade and join, we'll then return $3.50/member/month directly back to you!

  • Have 2,500 Squad members? That's up to $8,750 every month!

Still have questions? We're here to help! Contact us at hello@cyborg.io and we'll clear up any hesitations you may have.

Cyborg are the makers of the first social network for fitness. Founded in 2018, they were winners of NHTA’s TechOut competition, focusing on empowering users by building community and providing concise metrics on an easy to use platform. Cyborg shares 50% of revenue with channel partners like boutique fitness facilities, studios, teams, and clubs and are located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Check out https://www.cyborg.io/ for more.

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