PacePoints™, PulsePoints™, and ActiveScore™ usher in a new age of fitness gamification

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

The Cyborg app's proprietary metrics can add tremendous benefit to your fitness lifestyle. In this blog, we're breaking down how they work, what makes them special, how to use them. After this, you'll be equipped to use this advanced tech to get the most out of your workouts!

Cyborg session metrics explained simply:

PacePoints: earned when you move around the world

PulsePoints: earned when you exert "effort"

"Can I earn both at the same time?"

Yes! All Cyborg sessions are simplified into these gamified metrics and they can be earned simultaneously. We record all of the information at the same time to give the best representation of what you did during your session. No matter what you are doing, one (or both) of the Cyborg metrics can track it.

Here are some examples:

• If you are walking without a wearable, you would earn only PacePoints.

• If you are stationary with a wearable, you would earn only PulsePoints.

• If you were running with a wearable, you can earn both!

With these metrics, do I get all of the normal data I'm used to?

Yes, Cyborg features robust in-app tracking with all of the data you're accustomed to:

• Distance

• Pace (with splits)

• Gain • Duration

• Heart rate

• Calories and many more!

Cyborg's metrics are meant to simplify all of this complex data so you can either compete with others or better understand your individual improvement.

"Ohhh, interesting... tell me more."


The purple number in the screenshot above is your PacePoints output, which correlates with the difficulty of the terrain you've traveled. We use a variety of sensors in your phone to determine how far you've gone and what environment you've been traversing through. This complex data is distilled down to a single number to help you understand your session!

PacePoints™ can be used for the following:

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Hiking

  • Cycling

  • Snowshoeing

  • Anything where you move about the world!

Equipment required to record PacePoints:

• Only a smartphone

PacePoints™ will give you the overview you want on your posts, while still maintaining all of the specifics of that uphill 5k run you finished last weekend. By comparing the PacePoints of two dissimilar routes, you can better understand how the difficulty of your terrain changes your performance. Cyborg tracks and stores it all in an easy-to-find place.


If you've wrapped your head around PacePoints, then PulsePoints are easy to grasp. As PacePoints utilize your phone's various environment sensors, PulsePoints uses biometric sensors. You do need a wearable device to earn PulsePoints because they are calculated based on a variety of biometric information to calculate your average and total effort.

Your instantaneous effort % is displayed and broken down into 1 of 5 color-coded heart rate zones. PulsePoints are earned based on your ability to keep your effort level high over time and are age and gender-equalized to make sure competition is fair no matter who you are.

"I started a session, got gray bars, and earn no PulsePoints, what's going on?"

Cyborg has a built-in effort threshold for earning PulsePoints. This way you couldn't (for example) start a session and go to bed 😴. In order to start seeing your color-coded bars and start earning PulsePoints, you need to get your effort level over 50%. This can be done with light to moderate activity, like a brisk walk on a treadmill.

PulsePoints can be used for the following:

  • Any Form of Cardio

  • Weight Training

  • Spinning

  • Treadmill Running

  • Stair Steppers

  • Yoga

  • HIIT (Interval Training)

  • Extreme Sports

Equipment required to record PacePoints:

• A smartphone

• A biometric wearable

"How do I know if my wearable works, or where do I go to buy one?"

PulsePoints become increasingly important when the weather brings us inside for workouts. The heart rate effort tracker is a great indicator of the level of intensity of your workouts, which gives you a real indicator of change.


Your individual ActiveScore is the number that represents your activity for the last 90 days. This number is the aggregate of data we collect both actively and passively. Then that data is processed by algorithms so that you can see how active you've consistently been over time. Think of it as a credit score for your activity levels!

As PulsePoints and PacePoints overview your daily metrics, your ActiveScore is your long-term reference point. So how do you get your ActiveScore up? Work on your daily PulsePoints and PacePoints and, before you know it, you'll see that number climbing!

The more you use the app, the better your score will be!

"I'm ready to go, how do I get started?!"

Download the app for free:

Need more help? We want to be as helpful as we can be! Contact us at to ask any questions you may have and we'll answer them as quickly as we can!

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