Triib + Cyborg: A partnership for future-proofing your client connections

We are so incredibly excited to announce that Cyborg has officially partnered with our friends over at Triib! Our goal at Cyborg has always been to optimize your ability to communicate with your members and now, together with Triib, we're expanding to reach as many owners and trainers as possible.

"Why now?"

Unfortunately, we live in uncertain times. That means a lot of people and businesses are looking for resources to help them stay afloat. As much as we'd like for everyone to feel protected during in-person workouts, that's just not possible for many places across the globe right now.

We at Cyborg know that the fitness industry's competitive landscape is changing like never before, which is why we've dedicated ourselves to providing industry-leading tech to keep you going.

"Why partner with Triib?"

Cyborg's biometric tools and community connection are the perfect compliment to your members' Triib experience.

Your present and future clients deserve the best of both in-person and at-home fitness, which is why each tool in the Cyborg arsenal is designed to empower owners and trainers in the pursuit of a truly future-proofed business:

  • Squads™ give you control over who sees your content. Create public groups, private groups or both and start sharing on-demand content like photos, videos, WODs, events, and announcements, all in seconds.

  • Built-in gamification engages your members with a way to compete from anywhere.

  • Track your data like a pro, then share it with who you want with a click of a button.

  • Seamless and symbiotic transitions between your virtual stream and physical programming.

  • Technology specifically designed to diversify your business's revenue streams so COVID can't even topple your business strategy.

"I'm interested. Where do I start?"

It's not hard to see why Triib and Cyborg make such a great partnership. Whether you're worried about what the future holds for your place in the fitness industry, looking to attract new clients, or just want to offer your pre-existing clients that next-level fitness tech, Cyborg's got you covered.

The first 100 Triib sign-ups get:

a free 14-day trial
up to a 33% LIFETIME discount

Ready to get started? Just click here:

Cyborg are the makers of the first social network for fitness. Founded in 2018, they were winners of NHTA’s TechOut competition, focusing on empowering users by building community and providing concise metrics on an easy to use platform. Cyborg shares 50% of revenue with channel partners like boutique fitness facilities, studios, teams, and clubs and are located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Check out for more.

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