As Cyborg’s fearless leader, Tim lives for dreaming up the best tools and tech, then making it happen for the people who strive to be better. Most of the time, this doesn’t come from taking the well-traveled path. He forges his own way into the unknown and breaks ground where there’s gold. That kind of entrepreneurial drive is what it takes to make an impact in this world, which is why Tim makes it a necessity. 


Tim is the strategist and overseer of all the workings you see and hear across all of Cyborg’s channels. He’s the delegate, the advocate, and the decision-making guru at the head of the table, but there’s much more to Tim than just the tip of the spear. He likes to get his hands dirty when he’s away from the management side of things, whether that’s woodworking or building the world’s very first DronePack (yes, you heard that right). When you perpetually live in the competitor mindset as Tim does, great things tend to arise.


Cyborg Superpower: Energy is infectious, at least that’s what people say. They use this phrase as a metaphor, of course, but in Tim’s case, we’re not so sure. Whether it’s a spark of curiosity, inspiration, or motivation, Tim always seems to have the remedy that pushes the Cyborg team forward. So when we describe Tim’s energy as infectious, we mean it literally. The electricity surging through his veins just might be exactly what the world needs right about now.


Why Cyborg?: Creating a platform that re-conceptualizes the way people view fitness has been a dream of Tim’s for a long time now. Cyborg makes it a reality.