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You were invited by a member of our team to be a part of a new, limited program. Cyborg will create an in-app group for your athletic organization; a completely new way to train, coach, and monetize your members with a virtual version of your facility!

Lock in your spot and get exclusive founding member perks. Instructions below!

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Here's how it works-

  1. Export your contacts from your CRM

  2. Fill out the form and upload the Excel or CSV file here

  3. We'll make your new digital community called a "Squad"

  4. An automated email will invite your members

  5. Your members will be automatically added to your Squad

  6. You can train, coach, and monetize them through the app!

Have questions? Reach out to us hello@cyborg.io


Let's get started 💪

Fill out this form and upload your CRM so we can build your Squad!

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